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To Order a Policy

Ordering title insurance from Stewart Title places the legal professional at the center of the transaction. Stewart Title enhances the real estate closing process through the use of technology and provides legal professionals with the ability to close a transaction more quickly and with ease.

Stewart Title offers a number of ordering alternatives found below by your Region or Province:

Residential Orders

Region / Province Phone* Fax* Streamlined Fax* Email Order Form Online Ordering
Ontario (416) 307-3300
- N/A - Download formpdf Residential click
Western Canada
(excluding MB)
(403) 538-5125
Download formpdf - N/A - Residential click
Manitoba - N/A - Download formpdf - N/A - - N/A - click via NationWest Insurance & Travel
Québec (450) 973-4446
Download formpdf Download formpdf Residential Coming soon
Atlantic Canada
(excluding NL)
(902) 420-0802
Download formpdf Download formpdf Residential click
Newfoundland and Labrador Download formpdf Download formpdf

Commercial Orders

Commercial premium quotes for transactions over $10 million, contact us.

Region / Province Phone Fax Email Order Form
Ontario (416) 307-3300 / 1-888-667-5151 Download formpdf Commercial
Western Canada
(excluding MB)
(403) 538-5125 / 1-866-515-8401 Download formpdf Commercial
Manitoba - N/A - Download formpdf - N/A -
Québec (450) 973-4446 / 1-866-235-9152 Download formpdf Commercial
Atlantic Canada (902) 420-0802 / 1-888-757-0078 Download formpdf Commercial

* For residential phone or fax orders, the acting lawyer/notary must provide the following information:

(1) Firm Information
(2) Purchaser/Borrower Information
(3) Lender and Mortgage Information
(4) Property Details
(5) Purchase Price
(6) Closing Date
(7) Title Search Results
(8) Verbal Tax Status (if available)
(9) Survey Status

The lawyer/notary will be faxed a confirmation package including an Instruction Letter, the applicable Acknowledgments, an Invoice, and a Report on Title form to be completed. After closing, the completed Report on Title and policy premium are required prior to the issuance of the original title insurance policy.

Upon receipt, the policy will be processed and returned to the lawyer/notary to forward to the insureds. The waiver of rights of subrogation against the lawyer/notary is outlined directly in the Report on Title.

Note for printing a PDF file:

For users of Adobe Reader 6 or higher: If you are experiencing problems printing a form onto legal-sized paper, click Print then check Choose Paper Source by PDF page size.  For Adobe Reader 5 or below, adjust your printer settings to legal-size before printing.