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1)  Will you be obtaining and reviewing prior to closing, a government issued photo ID for your purchaser/borrower client and keeping a legible copy in your file? Yes   No
       1.a) If “No”: Have you known the client(s) personally for more than one year? Yes   No
2)  Does the money serving for the purchase transaction will transit via your trust account (purchase only)? Yes   No
3)  Are the hypothec proceeds being paid to anyone OTHER than an existing lender or to the borrower directly (refinance only)? Yes   No
       3.a) If “Yes”: Are the funds being used to pay debts for which you have proof of the debts owing? Yes   No
4)  Have there been any transfers or hypothec discharges registered within the last 6 months? Yes   No
       4.a) If “Yes”: Which kind of transfer was it?   Date of transfer?  
5)  Has another title insurer refused to issue a policy of title insurance in respect to this transaction? Yes   No
6)  Is a private lender providing the new mortgage? Yes   No
       6.a) Is the subject property mortgage free? Yes   No
       6.b) Is the subject property vacant land? Yes   No
       6.c) Will the transfer to the purchaser/borrower be for nominal consideration? (If the transfer is an estate conveyance, or a            transfer from trustee to beneficiary or an inter-family/inter-spousal transfer, please answer “yes” to this question.) Yes   No

Title Search Results

List the details of any instruments or issues which affect good and marketable title that you will be qualifying in your opinion including but not limited to all easements, restrictions and agreements: (If the hypothec is 2nd or 3rd priority, please indicate the information of the 1st rank hypothec)

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