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An online Search Services solution to assist with your due diligence efforts

In partnership with ESC Corporate Services Ltd. (ESC), we are now offering online centralized access to public record data to streamline your due diligence efforts.

Our competitively priced Search Services offers a one-stop source that pulls data from a national index and presents search results instantly, accurately and securely.

The range of online search services includes:

• Corporate Profile Search
• Certificate of Status
• Copies of Articles
• PPSA Search
• PPSA Registration
• Bank Act Search
• Bankruptcy Search
• Writs of Execution
• Litigation Search
• Bulk Sales Act Search

Powered by a solid partner

To offer this service, Stewart Title has chosen to partner with ESC, a company that delivers industry-leading solutions uniting public record data, customer authentication and corporate legal services through innovation, technology and deep domain expertise.

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This service is currently not available in Quebec.