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Commercial Title Insurance for Real Estate ProfessionalsCommercial Title Insurance for Real Estate Professionals
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Title and survey defects that effect commercial properties can lead to costly delays in closing. A solution to these delays may be found by obtaining title insurance which often allows a transaction to close on time and problems to be insured over. It may also reduce the off-title investigative searches involved in closing, saving your client time and money. Ultimately, our commercial underwriting and processing capabilities lead to transactions that have more efficient closings.

Because of the variety of commercial property types and the various natures of these transactions, Stewart Title offers specialized commercial endorsements that can be tailored to suit almost every situation. In particular, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) have their own unique title insurance requirements and we can offer custom-designed master policies for both purchase and mortgage transactions.

Additional Advantages of Stewart Title’s Commercial Title Insurance

Protection Against the Unexpected There are areas where lawyers/ notaries cannot provide a legal opinion. Fraud, forgery, false impersonation, missing heirs or errors in the public record can all impact a commercial transaction. Title insurance offers protection against many unexpected matters.
Priority and Enforceability of the Lender’s Mortgage Our Commercial Loan Policy insures the lender’s interest, providing protection for the lender if they suffer a loss as a result of a title defect. Our policy coverage lasts for as long as the mortgage is outstanding.
Gap Coverage Registration of the mortgage on title and the advance of mortgage proceeds at closing may not occur at the same time, as there could be delays in the registration process. Title insurance protects against intervening liens claiming priority between closing and registration.
No-Fault Claims and Defense of Title Title insurance is no-fault based coverage. The claims process is straightforward and does not involve having to prove negligence. Stewart Title also covers legal fees and expenses associated with defending the insured’s title against claims arising from covered title risks.
Opportunity to Trade Mortgages on the world market with some degree of standardization.

Why Stewart Title?

An Industry Leader As one of the world’s leading title insurers, Stewart Title’s commercial portfolio is among the strongest and most impressive in the industry. We have provided customized coverage for some of the world’s best hotels, golf courses, resorts, office towers and business centres. This impressive portfolio ranges from smaller commercial sites to multi-site and cross-boarder transactions. See some our worldwide Spotlight transactions to find out more.
Canadian Expertise Each commercial property is unique and can present its own set of closing challenges. Our expertise is in providing lenders and owners with the best security, coverage and service available.
Underwriting Excellence Handling transactions that require special underwriting and risk analysis is what we do best. Our team is recognized as offering the knowledge and ingenuity necessary to handle today’s complex transactions.
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) REITS have their own title insurance requirements and we can offer a custom-designed master policy for both purchase and mortgage transactions. Stewart Title has streamlined the policy issuing process to ensure a fast turnaround so that REIT transactions close on time. Whether it is a single or multi-site transaction, we can provide gap coverage between the advance of funds and the registration of closing documents.
Cross-Border Transactions It takes experience, responsiveness and dedication to complete all aspects of a cross-border transaction. From selecting the appropriate coverage to tying in loan policies for multiple sites, we have the resources to understand the nature of your transaction and how best to protect it.

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